Bijrani Forest Zone is also a part of the spectacular Jim Corbett National Park. It is also at par with the famous Bijrani Forest Zone. Bijrani Forest Zone is blessed with all the flora and fauna found in Corbett Park. Bijrani gives a tough competition to Bijrani zone while the tourist's preferences are concerned. The zone is very calm and quite. The beauty of this place is unbelievable. The zone is in proximity to the popular entry zone Aamdanda. Bijrani consists of a mixed topography with dense Sal forests combined with grasslands. After entering into this park, it is about five kilometer buffer zone while arriving at Bijrani.
With in Bijrani Zone, Forest rest houses are located in Bijrani and Malani. The rest house at Bijrani has six rooms (Four with double beds and two with single bed) and dormitory consisting of four beds. The compound has its own restaurant and canteen. Elephant rides into the jungle are available from here. The region is frequented by wild animals and birds unperturbed by the human interventions. The chances of spotting a tiger, Sloth bear and herd of elephants are quite high in this part of the park. The rest house in Malani has two rooms (Double bed) and is very popular among bird watchers and tourist seeking a peaceful place. The picturesque beauty of Birjani is magnificent. It is endowed with wide grass lands, thick forests and huge water drains and inspiring count of flora and fauna.


The magnificent picturesque landscape of the Bijrani Zone can easily be explored from here. By using the facility of jeep safari, you can take a ride deep into the jungle observing animals and hoping to have a sight of a roaming tiger. If you want you can roam whole day in a jeep safari catching the glimpse of wildlife in large and capturing them with your camera. Along with the jeep ride, the elephant ride is also available to roam into the jungle but not too deep inside the forest.

How and When to Visit

The entry to Bijrani forest rest house is through the Aamdanda gate. Aamdanda gate is situated about 2 km from the nearest town named Ram Nagar and the forest house is around 7 km from the entry gate. You have to show the entry permit to the forest guards at the gate in order to enter into the restricted park. You can only use the authorized vehicles to ride inside the park, walking or personal vehicle is not allowed. There is buffer area of around 5 km then comes the core area of the Bijrani ecotourism zone. The spectacular view of the rich lush wild nature will be in front of your eyes as soon as your vehicle enters from the gate. So, satiate your love for the wild life at this place and spend one or two days in the forest house to get the adventurous feel of being a part of the forest.

Visitor Season

Winter Safaris Timings-

  • Morning Safari Entry- 07:00 am & Exit- 10:00 am
  • Evening Safari Entry- 02:00 pm & Exit- 05:30 pm

Summer Safaris Timings-

  • Morning Safari Entry- 06:00 am & Exit- 09:30 am
  • Evening Safari Entry- 03:00 pm & Exit- 06:30 pm

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